Poem:- LOVER BOY By Kolawole Zainab

                   LOVER BOY

My memory is full

Of your hugs and kisses

You can call me a fool

Idiot and even hisses

I am in the ocean of love

Ready to sink

Save your love

And have a rethink

When you cry

I always feel sad

Trust me, I don't lie

And I become bad

People call me names

But I don't mind

It only increased my fames

Because I am loveblind

In the darkness

You are my light

You created brightness

And saved me from my plight

If we marry

We will have wonderful kids

Do not worry

I will provide your needs

You are all I want in life

You are my truelover

I was threatened with a knife

By your ex- lover

I love you

And I am not afraid

All I desire is you

I can even be your maid

I wish you could be mine

Your love intoxicate me

Like a fresh palmwine

Please marry me

Your kisses gave me reasons to live

All night and day

Please do not leave

You showed me my way

 -By kolawole Zainab

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Poem:- LOVER BOY By Kolawole Zainab Poem:- LOVER BOY By Kolawole Zainab Reviewed by Oladehinde Habeeb on February 03, 2019 Rating: 5

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