Ladi Kwali:the Woman On Twenty Naira Note

Twenty naira is one of the Nigeria currency donominations which Yoruba call muri

The woman on twenty naira,hajiya ladi Kwali was born in 1925 in Gwari,Northern part of Nigeria.
Her first name Ladi means "born on Sunday " while her surname Kwali means the name of the village where was given birth to in Gwari.She learned a traditional art of pottery using a method referred to as coiling and punching when she was a child and work under an aunt as apprentice before she gain freedom.
Ladi came to Abuja in Suleja with the knowledge of traditional  Gwari Pottery with that, She make figurative patterned pots of different shapes, size and colour which make the Emir of abuja to admired her works and other big gun

Ladi later attended st Michael cardew's pottery training Abuja where she gained more skills, alth she can't read nor write but she was awarded Doctorate Ahmadu bello university,She was the best known Nigerian potter before her death on 12 August, 1984,to honour her the Abuja pottery was renamed LADI KWALI and major roads in Abuja

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